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Employer-provided health insurance networks

Medical and dental networks

Find a doctor or dentist in your network

If you know the name of your network, you can search for a doctor, dentist or clinic below.

Don’t know the name of your network? You can:

  • Look at your plan documents
  • Call Member Services at 952-883-5000 or 800-883-2177
  • Log on to your myHealthPartners account

Logging on to your myHealthPartners account is the best way to search for care. When you log on, you will only see results that match your insurance benefits. Although our information is updated regularly, it is a good idea to ask whether HealthPartners insurance is accepted before seeing a new doctor.

Find a doctor in the Cigna network

There are more than 950,000 doctors across the country who take your insurance. If you live outside of MN, WI, IA, SD or ND search the Cigna network to find a doctor near you.

These networks are used with HealthPartners Open Access, Empower, NationalONE and Three-for-Free plans. Learn more

Open Access Network

find doctors & clinics

Open Access Perform

find doctors & clinics

AchieveSM Network

The Park Nicollet and HealthPartners AchieveSM Network

find doctors & clinics

SE Open Access Perform

For small employers

find doctors & clinics

HealthPartners Classic

find doctors & clinics

HealthPartners Select Choice

find doctors & clinics

HealthPartners Primary Clinic

find doctors & clinics


HealthPartners Dental Open Access Network

Largest network

find dentists & clinics

HealthPartners Dental Select Network

HealthPartners Dental Group and Park Dental

find dentists & clinics

HealthPartners DistinctionsSM Dental Network

Benefit Level 1 – HealthPartners Dental Group and Park Dental;
Benefit Level 2 – all other dentists

find dentists & clinics

HealthPartners Regional Open Access Dental Network

find dentists & clinics

HealthPartners Distinctions III Dental Network

Benefit Level 1 – HealthPartners Dental Group;
Benefit Level 2 – Park Dental & The Dental Specialists;
Benefit Level 3 – all others

find dentists & clinics


Not sure what network to search?

Browse our doctors, dentists and clinics without selecting a network.

Find doctors and clinics

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