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Medicare Supplement plans to help Minnesotans stay healthy

HealthPartners Medicare Supplement plans help you stay healthy for what matters most. Medicare Supplement plans help fill in the gaps Original Medicare doesn’t cover, like deductibles and coinsurance. And some plans offer extra benefits and perks.

Here are a few reasons why people like Medicare Supplement plans:

  • No network. You can see any doctor who accepts Medicare, without a referral.
  • They travel with you. You pay the same for covered services no matter where you are in the U.S.
  • They move with you. You won’t have to worry about changing plans if you decide to move to a different state.
  • Predictable coverage that’s easy to budget for. You’ll know ahead of time what you’re going to pay for most services.
  • Guaranteed renewable. Rest easy knowing your plan will never be cancelled, even if your health needs change (as long as you continue to pay your monthly premium).

Plan details

See a complete list of plan details in the Outline of Coverage.

Basic Medicare Supplement Outline of Coverage
Extended Basic Medicare Supplement Outline of Coverage
Plan with $20 and $50 Copayments (Plan N) Outline of Coverage
HealthPartners Medicare Supplement Plan Comparison
Choosing a Medigap policy
Supplement Plan 2020 Comparison Guide

Perks and benefits

Check out the perks and benefits included in our Medicare Supplement plans:

Fitness Benefits

Free gym memberships at participating facilities or two home fitness kits per year with the Silver & Fit® healthy aging program.

Healthy living discounts

Get discounts on things that help keep you healthy, like discounts on eye glasses or contacts, skin care products and more.

Help when traveling

If you’re travelling more than 100 miles from where you live, Assist America® can help 24/7 with things like emergency care and help getting home.

How do I pick the right plan?

Still deciding? Learn more about Medicare and get tips for what to think about when choosing a plan. That way you can feel confident in your choice for Medicare coverage and care.

Read how to pick the right plan

Looking for dental coverage?

Take a look at your HealthPartners Senior Dental coverage options.

Ready to get started?

You can get a plan recommendation with our easy-to-use tool. It also allows you to compare plans side by side. If you’re ready, you can enroll in a plan.

Get plan recommendations and enroll

Last updated October 2019
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