Condition management support services for members

Having more peace of mind matters when you're living with a health condition or situation. That’s why HealthPartners has condition management support specialists who provide personalized resources, guidance and assistance for eligible members – confidentially and at no extra cost. Your specialist can help coordinate your care, keep your treatments in sync with your priorities, help you sort through benefits and more. From diagnosis to treatment, our support specialists offer reassurance, understanding and encouragement at every step.

Your support team specializes in helping people with your condition. They’ll spend time with you to learn more about your current health and the goals that matter to you. Together with your condition management support and care teams, you’ll create a road map for your physical, mental and emotional health – giving you clarity, confidence and more time to focus on you.

How our nurse and specialist support services help

Your condition management support specialist can:

  • Answer questions about your condition and treatment options
  • Help you create short- and long-term goals centered around your health and what’s important to you
  • Coordinate care, treatment and communication across different doctors and specialists
  • Help you navigate appointments, treatments and medicine refills, as well as your insurance coverage and costs
  • Connect you with lifestyle resources to help you make healthy changes
  • Provide support and guidance between doctor visits and treatment milestones

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