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HealthPartners Medical Assistance (Medicaid) options in Minnesota

Learn about Minnesota Health Care Programs (Medicaid) options with HealthPartners.

What is Medical Assistance (Medicaid)?

Medical Assistance (Medicaid) is a state and federal insurance program that helps people in need. Both children and adults can be qualify. HealthPartners contracts with the Minnesota Department of Human Services to serve people enrolling in Medical Assistance (Medicaid).


I already have a HealthPartners Medical Assistance (Medicaid) plan

Members can visit the page listed below or sign in to look at plan information and see other resources.

Visit our Members page


I’m new to Medical Assistance (Medicaid) or want to change plans

If you're thinking about enrolling in a plan or need to switch plans, we have some helpful information.

View Medical Assistance (Medicaid) plan info

Get in touch

Already a member?

  • Call Member Services at 952-967-7998 or 866-885-8880 (Toll Free) if you have questions or need more information about Minnesota Health Care Programs. 711 (TTY).

Not a member yet?

Health Services resources and more info


Rides to medical, dental and mental health appointments

Local: 952-883-7400
Toll free: 888-288-1439
TTY/TDD: 711


Medical advice 24/7

Local: 612-339-3663
Toll free: 800-551-0859
TTY/TDD: 711


Pregnancy or new baby care

Local: 612-333-2229
Toll free: 800-845-9297
TTY/TDD: 711

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