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Employee health

Employee health and well-being solutions to transform your workforce

When it comes to your employees’ health and well-being, it’s important to find impactful solutions that go beyond just “checking the box.” After all, the right approach can integrate different parts of your benefits package to help cultivate a healthier workforce ready to take your business to the next level.

We make it simple to get started with seamlessly integrated well-being solutions, individually personalized recommendations based on claims and health assessment data, and evidence-based activities using adult-learning best practices that promote sustained behavior change. Our solutions include:

  • Health assessments and screenings – Your employees will have a better understanding of their health and what changes they can make to improve it through our outcomes-driven health assessment and health screenings.
  • Digital activities – Participants complete a health assessment to identify areas of their health they’d like to focus on. After that, they’ll unlock relevant program recommendations based on their known health needs and interests.
  • Health coaching – By focusing on what’s important to them and their unique motivators and values, employees will get personal one-on-one support to make lasting changes in their health.
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For employers looking to drive higher productivity and improve health outcomes, we also offer an enhanced solution. Through our buy-up well-being packages, we'll support the unique needs of your population through:

  • Strategic consultation with an employer to design a program that fits an organization’s need
  • Comprehensive support of employer populations beyond just members
  • Participant access to personalized and relevant digital activities, based on unique needs
  • Unlimited participant access to health coaching for one-on-one individualized support
  • Incentive management and administration to drive engagement
  • Reporting and analysis to track engagement and outcomes

Consult with your account manager to discuss which option is right for your population.

With our Healthy Discounts℠ program, members get discounts at more than 50 local and national retailers. Discounts include eyewear, fitness and wellness classes, healthy eating programs and delivery services, healthy mom and baby products, and much more.

And with Wellbeats, digital fitness solutions are available to members wherever they are. Over 1,000 classes – including yoga, cardio, strength training, cycling, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, cooking and much more – are available from certified fitness instructors and other experts. All accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

We offer a variety of services and resources to help you and your employees stay healthy, be more productive and enjoy work. Some of our solutions include:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – With HealthPartners EAP, employees can get the everyday support they need to stay focused at work. Employees will get convenient, personal, private support for their finances, relationships, family, stress, child and elder care, legal issues, and any other personal difficulties. HealthPartners EAP is available 24/7.
  • Occupational and environmental medicine – Our occupational medicine services help ensure your employees are well taken care of, and they can also help meet your OSHA and other regulatory requirements. Key features include pre-placement physicals, drug screenings, DOT exams, medical monitoring, onsite flu shot clinics, ergonomic consulting, injury prevention classes and manufacturing line assistance.
  • Well@Work clinicsProvide convenient, quality care through our onsite Well@Work clinics, all while reducing your costs and improving productivity. Key features include primary care services, chronic condition management, personalized preventive care services, occupational health care, online scheduling options and next-day lab results.

We’re here to help employees with complex medical needs feel their best, stay focused and manage their care. Some of our services include:

  • 24/7 personalized nurse support – For over 20 conditions, we provide personal, one-on-one support to help people live as healthy a life as possible.
  • Healthy Pregnancy – The Healthy Pregnancy program includes an online pregnancy risk assessment, personal nurse support, BabyLine 24/7 phone service and much more. Participants with high-risk pregnancies had a 31% lower premature birth rate than those who didn’t participate, and employers saved an average of $4,300 per high-risk participant.
  • Back health care – Back pain is a common condition that can reduce productivity while increasing cost. Our approach to back pain management can help your employees find the best care option that fits their life and enables healthier habits.
  • Cancer management – With a personal cancer care coordinator, our cancer management program improves health outcomes and care experiences while also reducing preventable complications and costs.

When employees need to take time away from work, we partner with both workers and employers to keep care, communication and coordination easy. Some of our services include:

  • Work injury care – Our occupational medicine services help ensure your employees get the best care while keeping costs down. Features include timesaving, cost-effective alternatives to the ER; board-certified occupational medicine doctors; after hours and weekend coverage; and our 24/7 nurse CareLine℠.
  • Short-term disability management – When an accident or illness results in time away from work, get your employees feeling better and back to work faster. We’ll provide early intervention and ongoing case management, leading to an optimal return to work and decreasing costs.
  • Workers’ compensation – With a workers’ compensation certified managed care plan, we’ll provide prompt evaluation and treatment, facilitating communication between employees, providers, employers and insurers. Key features include early recognition of and intervention in complex cases, holistic approaches, clinical expertise, and more.
  • FMLA administration – Through our FMLA administration services, we can help you stay compliant, minimize risk and reduce costs associated with employee absences. Key features including reviewing and determining eligibility, monitoring and tracking absences, managing cases, fulfilling recordkeeping requirements, providing comprehensive reporting, and more.
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