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Video visits bring your doctor right to you, wherever you are

If you can’t make it to the doctor’s office, it might seem like you can’t get health care. But that’s not the case: You can still get the care and treatment you need for illnesses, injuries, chronic conditions and everything else. And video visits are just one way doctors and health care organizations are innovating to give patients more options.

On this episode of For Health’s Sake, we spoke with Dr. Michael Adams about how video visits are becoming more common every day. He told us:

  • When a video visit might be right for you
  • What kind of situations need in-person care
  • Which procedures we’re using to help make sure all our patients get the right care

With video visits, you can chat face to face with your doctor and get the same expert answers, personal connection and tailored treatment plan you’d find at an in-person visit. Listen to our podcast to learn more about video visits and whether one would be right for you.