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The care you need, all in one place

At Hudson Hospital & Clinic, your health and well-being is our top priority. Our comprehensive team of experts offers high-quality care for everything from internal medicine to a wide range of specialties – all in one convenient location.

Our experienced team includes the top doctors and specialists within the St. Croix Valley, along with the collaboration of our valued medical partners on campus. With Hudson Hospital & Clinic, you and your family have access to exceptional health care, close to home.

Expert care for whatever life brings

Whether you’re planning ahead for your birth experience or you find yourself needing emergency services fast, we’re ready to care for you. Our board-certified doctors, specialists and nurses work together as a team to provide you with a personalized treatment plan and support every step of the way.

Specialty centers on campus

We provide expert care at our specialty centers on campus, including our Birth Center, Infusion Center and the recently expanded Emergency Center.

When you choose the Birth Center at Hudson Hospital, you’re choosing top medical care, peace of mind and a comfortable setting for welcoming your little one. Our birthing program focuses not only on your inpatient care, but on providing support throughout your pregnancy and after you return home. The caring team at our birth center goes above and beyond to provide you, your baby and your family the best experience for those precious first days together.

When the unexpected happens, we’re here for you. Our emergency center is staffed by Level I trauma-certified doctors and nurses who provide expert care for emergency injuries and illness 24/7. We specialize in treating a wide range of emergency conditions and are prepared to coordinate transport to Regions Hospital Level I Trauma Center and Burn Center if needed.

Our Infusion Center provides infusion services to adults and children for a variety of needs, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, fluids and injections. Ensuring access to quality infusion care close to home is important to us. That’s why we care for patients from other health systems, like Mayo Clinic, U of M and more. We also partner with Children’s Hospital of Minnesota to make pediatric infusion services convenient for kids and families. Our center features private rooms with large windows, beautiful murals and comfortable seating for visitors.

Call 715-531-6700 for more information.

Specialty departments

From cardiology to kidney care, rheumatology to rehabilitation, we can provide comprehensive care for you and your family. Our specialties include:

Cancer care

A cancer diagnosis can leave you wondering about what’s next. But you don’t need to figure everything out on your own. At HealthPartners, you’ll have a team of compassionate and knowledgeable cancer experts to support you every step of the way – from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

HealthPartners Cancer Care at Hudson Hospital & Clinic is provided in collaboration with the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin. This organization coordinates services for cancer patients in western Wisconsin, ensuring you’re able to receive the best and latest cancer treatments, all close to home.


Your skin health plays an important role in your overall well-being. Our board-certified dermatologists in Hudson, Wisconsin diagnose and treat a wide range of skin issues using the safest and most effective treatment methods.

Cardiopulmonary care

We provide cardiopulmonary care for those who need specialized treatment for cardiac and respiratory conditions. Our team provides a full range of cardiopulmonary services, including cardiac stress testing, electrocardiograms (EKGs), cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation and more.

To learn more about cardiopulmonary services or schedule an appointment, call 615-531-6400.

Heart health

We provide a full range of cardiology services to diagnose and treat heart and vascular conditions. We offer the latest cardiac imaging, diagnostic testing and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. You can expect coordinated care between our specialists and your primary care doctor to ensure that your care team has the most current information about your health. When patients require a higher level of heart care or heart surgery, we help connect them with Regions Heart Center.

Internal medicine

Our internal medicine physicians serve as primary care doctors with a unique focus on adult medicine. We have wide-ranging knowledge of diseases that affect adults and can connect patients with sub-specialists for more specific treatment if needed.

Mental and behavioral health

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that the two are intricately linked. Hudson Hospital & Clinic provides specialized programs to support the mental and behavioral health of our patients and community.

  • Psychiatry – Symptoms of mental health conditions can make everyday activities like school, work and relationships feel overwhelming. We work with patients to understand how they’re feeling and create a personalized treatment plan to help manage and improve symptoms. Treatment may include counseling, medication, lifestyle changes or a combination of all three.
  • Programs for ChangePrograms for Change is an alcohol and substance use recovery program that’s been trusted in the St. Croix Valley community for over 30 years. We combine evidence-based treatment and compassionate support to help individuals heal from addiction and build resilient habits for long-term recovery.
  • The Emergency Department Behavioral Health Tele-Video Program (EDBHTV) – This program was developed as a public and private collaboration across seven hospitals and three counties to bring skilled and licensed behavioral health professionals to any patient in the area’s emergency departments at the time of a crisis. These visits are conducted by specialized mental health clinicians to assess mental health needs and coordinate care for patients and families.
  • More resources – As part of the HealthPartners health care system, we offer an array of mental and behavioral health care resources at additional facilities in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities. These include Amery Hospital & Clinic Behavioral Health Center, Regions Hospital Mental Health Services, Melrose Center eating disorder treatment, Beating the Blues, and Make it OK.


Our experienced nephrologists use the latest research-backed methods to accurately diagnose and treat kidney conditions. We’ll help you understand your diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan that may include a combination of medication, diet changes or dialysis.


Leveraging the latest research and technology, our rheumatologists diagnose and treat musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions, including arthritis, lupus, gout and others. We’re by your side to explain your condition, answer questions and begin a treatment plan to help manage or alleviate your symptoms.

Hudson Partners

The Hudson Hospital & Clinic campus offers a broad range of high-quality care in one convenient location. We work closely with collaborating physician groups on our shared campus to provide comprehensive care for our patients and community.

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A comprehensive system of care

Hudson Hospital & Clinic is part of the HealthPartners health care system, which means you have access to the full array of HealthPartners care and services when you need them.