A smiling nurse hugs a patient in a hospital bed.

Doctors & Specialties

Nationally recognized care from doctors close to home

Our team includes the top doctors and specialists in the St. Croix Valley and surrounding area. We consistently see high patient satisfaction rates, and our MN Community Measurement scores for quality place us in the top two in the state - ahead of Mayo Clinic.

Lakeview Hospital is also nationally recognized as a high performing hospital by U.S. News & World Report. But medical expertise isn’t the only thing we’re known for. Since 1880, we’ve been trusted by our community for our compassionate care, close to home.

From breast health to heart care; orthopedics to child birth, we can provide comprehensive care for you and your family.

We’re here for every beginning, offering personal and comprehensive care for the birth you’ve envisioned. Our trusted cardiologists get to the heart of the matter with advanced testing and the latest treatments. We combine top imaging technology and compassionate expertise to provide specialized care for breast health. Our expert orthopedic care includes joint replacements, orthotic devices, rehabilitation therapy and more. Through expert diagnostics and the leading therapies, we can face cancer with confidence. Together. We’re ready when you need us, with expert care for emergency illness and injuries 24/7.