Gift of Life Donor Memorial Wall

The life-changing impact of organ, tissue and eye donations

Organ, tissue and eye donation is a generous gift that saves and heals thousands of lives every year. Even with the best medicine and technology, transplants aren’t possible without one person giving selflessly to another.

At Regions Hospital, organ, tissue and eye donation happens after a patient passes away. If donation is possible and the patient was a registered organ donor, the patient’s wishes are honored. If the patient wasn’t a registered organ donor, the family will make a decision on their loved one’s behalf. During the process we work with our donation partner, Life Source.

"One tries to live a life that makes a positive difference in the world. Death need not end that.”

Honoring our donors through the Gift of Life Donor Memorial Wall

At Regions Hospital, we are all grateful for the gifts provided by our organ, tissue and eye donors. To show our gratitude, we pay tribute to their generosity through our Gift of Life Donor Memorial Wall located in the hospital’s atrium. Here, we’re proud to share the lives of these individuals through their photos and personal stories displayed on three video screens.

The inspiration for our Gift of Life Wall came from a hospital in Texas. Their memorial wall started after the hospital hung up a photo of a young organ donor. Photos of other organ donors soon followed. And before long, the hospital had a wall of photos remembering all organ donors.

The memorial wall at Regions Hospital was funded by HealthPartners and Regions Hospital employees through the ONE Campaign employee giving program. Today, the program is coordinated by Regions Hospital Foundation.

Common questions about organ, tissue and eye donation

How can I sign up to be a donor?

It’s very easy. If you want to be a donor, you can sign up when you renew your driver’s license or your state ID card. Simply check the box on the application next time you renew your license or ID card.

If you want to sign up sooner, you can also register online .

For more information on the Gift of Life Donor Memorial Wall or about organ, tissue and eye donation, contact Chaplain Shelby Johnson at Regions Hospital, at 651-254-1626 or at shelby.d.johnson@healthpartners.com.