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You want to know you have the best team providing care before, during and after your surgery. At Regions Hospital, we are led by top-trained surgical staff. We are focused on patients and providing top-quality care.

All of our operating rooms have leading-edge technology. We also have a Level 1 Trauma Center. Our Burn Center is nationally recognized for treating both adult and pediatric burns and wounds.

Types of surgery

We offer general surgical services, as well as minimally invasive/robotic surgeries. Our specialists also handle:

From getting ready for surgery to going home

We have two main places that our surgeries are performed – which includes Regions and our 435 Phalen Building. Your doctor will recommend the best place for surgery, depending on your needs. Your care team will discuss the process of preparing for surgery (English(PDF) , Spanish(PDF) , Somali(PDF) , Hmong(PDF)) and make sure you have all the info you need. When your surgery is finished, you’ll get detailed info about returning home and follow-up care.