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Stroke care at Regions Hospital

Delivering award-winning stroke care

When a stroke happens, getting immediate care can make a critical difference for your recovery. At Regions Hospital, we’re here 24/7 to make sure you get the right stroke care at the right time.

From emergency care immediately following a stroke through stroke rehabilitation where you’ll regain your independence, we’ll be by your side. Your care is our top priority.

Regions Hospital is a national leader in stroke care and rehabilitation. Our incredible outcomes and the high-quality care we provide to patients are recognized across the country. We were Minnesota’s first comprehensive stroke center, certified by the Joint Commission. This means that we offer the highest level of care for all stroke patients, from minor strokes to the most severe.

If you think you or someone you care about may be having a stroke, call 911 right away.

Comprehensive stroke care at Regions Hospital

Strokes are unexpected, and immediate stroke care is necessary to improve outcomes. Our coordinated team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, emergency doctors and other specialists work together to get you from diagnosis to stroke treatment as quickly as possible – giving you the best chance for a full recovery.

We can treat different types of strokes and transient ischemic attack (TIA). Stroke treatment may include medication, minimally invasive procedures or surgery. Once you’re stable, we’ll guide you through stroke rehabilitation which may include occupational, physical and speech therapy.

As a comprehensive stroke treatment center, we offer a complete range of stroke treatments, including the latest techniques and technologies. The comprehensive stroke care we offer at Regions Hospital includes:

24/7 stroke emergency response

Our Rapid Response Stroke Team is available around the clock, and we do everything in our power to provide the fastest, most effective care to our patients.

Our emergency response stroke treatments include:

  • Advanced brain imaging
  • The latest clot-busting technology
  • Brain hemorrhage treatment
  • Brain aneurysm treatment
  • Surgery and stenting

Inpatient & outpatient stroke rehabilitation

Strokes affect everyone differently, so we will tailor a stroke rehabilitation program to you. Our onsite stroke rehabilitation program has stroke-certified rehab specialists who will help you regain and redefine your independence.

Depending on your unique needs, your stroke rehabilitation plan may include a combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, aquatic therapy and rehabilitation psychology.

We provide exceptional inpatient stroke rehabilitation at Regions Hospital and continued outpatient stroke rehabilitation programs at our Neuroscience Center.

Stroke INSPIRE: Providing support during and after stroke recovery

Our community of specialists and stroke survivors will support you during and after your recovery. People who have been affected by a stroke can participate in support groups, stroke education groups, volunteer activities, community events and more. Our stroke support services include:

Stroke survivor support groups

We offer in-person and virtual stroke survivor support groups every month. Meetings are facilitated by other stroke survivors, caregivers and stroke experts. There is no fee to attend these groups.

Support group for caregivers

Caregivers for stroke survivors need support, too. Our Stroke INSPIRE caregiver virtual support groups create a space where caregivers can share their experiences. In addition to discussion and encouragement, we invite guest speakers to share more information on caregiving and stroke education. The caregivers support group is offered once a month online. There is no fee to attend.

INSPIRE Mentors Program

INSPIRE mentors are stroke survivors who are at least 12 months post stroke, and who volunteer to provide in-person support to stroke survivors and their caregivers during their time in the hospital.

Mentors provide a listening ear, validation and support. They also share information with stroke survivors and their caregivers, encouraging them to connect with INSPIRE programming and community resources.

Stroke care that exceeds national standards

Regions Hospital is nationally recognized for providing the highest quality of stroke care. We’re committed to using the latest treatments and technologies to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Our results consistently exceed national standards for stroke care. We’ve received several awards, including:

  • Get With the Guidelines quality stroke care recognition American Heart Association
  • National Quality Approval for our stroke care The Joint Commission
  • More timely administration of blood clot medication American Heart Association

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