Emergency visitors

Visiting the Regions Hospital Emergency Room

Dealing with an emergency is never easy. The Regions Hospital Emergency Room is here to provide the care you or your loved one needs to deal with an illness or injury. We’ve done everything we can to help patients and guests feel comfortable while visiting our Emergency Center.

When visiting a guest, please remember that because emergency care is unpredictable, staff may not be able to address visitor needs right away and there may be a wait time.

If you or a loved one are facing an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

What to expect when you’re here

When you check in at the emergency room front desk, you'll either be directed to your loved one's room or the waiting room.

We'll give you as much information as we can. When your loved one says it's okay, we'll tell you how they're doing. If they're unable to give permission, a doctor or nurse will give an immediate family member an update.

Regions Hospital visiting hours aren't limited, but the number of visitors may be. This gives your loved one time to heal, rest and receive the care they need.

Park in the south ramp. (It’s an underground ramp.) Take the elevators up to Level 1 and turn left into the Emergency Center.

The Emergency Center is on the first floor near the Main South Entrance.

Bringing a patient to the Regions Emergency Room

When an illness or injury isn’t life threatening, many patients choose to drive to the Regions emergency room instead of calling an ambulance. If this is the case, we always encourage a loved one to drive. If you require assistance getting the patient into the Emergency Room when you arrive, alert a staff member that you need help.

What to bring:

  • A copy of the patient’s health insurance information
  • A list of the patient’s previous medical problems, diagnoses, allergies or recent medical tests
  • A current list of the patient’s medications
  • The patient’s eyeglasses, prescriptions and photo ID

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