A patient holds their loved one's hand during a hospital visit.

Nationally recognized burn center in the Upper Midwest

Burn injuries need specialized care, and most small hospitals aren’t equipped to offer the level of care needed for patients with burns. Since severe burns are uncommon, most medical professionals haven’t treated patients with these injuries. Many lack the skills and expertise needed to treat burns so their patients have the best possible recoveries.

At the Regions Hospital Burn Center, we’ve helped thousands of burn survivors heal from their injuries and return home. For more than 60 years, we’ve provided specialized burn care for adults and kids with all types of burn injuries. We serve the Upper Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

We care for your body, mind and spirit – with burn support groups, specialized physical therapy and even summer camps for children with burn injuries, we help you build confidence as you recover.

We use the latest, most advanced burn treatments, including treatments that we’ve developed here at the burn center. Innovations like our transparent face mask have become worldwide care standards. Regions Hospital Burn Center is recognized as a leader in treating burns, and our team travels across the country teaching our techniques to other medical professionals.

Our exceptional burn surgeons, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, physician assistants and burn specialists are available 24/7 to treat patients of all ages with burns. From burn treatment through rehabilitation and recovery, we’ll be by your side with the highest standard of burn care.

Burn Center patient transfers

For referrals, consults or management questions, call Regions Hospital Burn Center. Our burn surgeons are available 24/7.

We’re only 2.5 miles away from Holman Field regional airport in St. Paul. A transport service can pick up a patient at Holman Field and be at the Regions Hospital Burn Center in minutes.

To transfer a patient, call 800-922-2876.

Learn more about transferring a patient to the burn center.

Regions Hospital Burn Center services

Telemedicine burn treatment program

If you don’t live near Regions Hospital, we may be able to treat you through our telemedicine program. We work with hospitals in the Upper Midwest to provide burn care to patients through video calls. Our burn specialists connect with emergency department doctors and nurses in other hospitals to recommend a care plan or a transfer to the Regions Hospital Burn Center, if needed.

We are the only burn center in Minnesota to provide acute and outpatient telemedicine burn care. You’ll be able to see our burn surgeons, burn treatment specialists, psychotherapist and even occupational therapists at a telemedicine appointment. We have burn surgeons available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you need support after a burn, you can participate in burn after care programs via telemedicine. This includes burn survivor support group meetings, school re-entry programs for kids dealing with burns and other comprehensive programs.

Call us at 800-922-2876.

Helping you heal and supporting you along the way is our main focus. All of our specialists, including surgeons, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, psychotherapists and counselors, are burn-trained with years of experience helping burn survivors recover. We’ll help you recover and return home after even the most severe injuries.

If your child is getting burn care, our child-life specialists provide extra attention through play therapy. They’ll also help your child prepare to return to school.

Exceptional standards of care

We’re one of only eight burn centers in the country to continuously maintain verification by the American Burn Association.

Burn center outreach and education

Our Regions Hospital Burn Center team offers programs that focus on safety, burn prevention and support for patients with burns. We also provide free education to first responders, and community hospitals and clinics in the five-state area. We can provide virtual trainings or come directly to you.

Please contact Mark Johnston, Manager of the Burn Program, at 651-254-1562 or at mark.j.johnston@healthpartners.com to learn more.