How hydrotherapy for burns helps you heal

Hydrotherapy for burns, also called bathing burns or bath therapy for burns, is a treatment that uses warm water to gently cleanse your injuries. Wounds heal best when they’re moist and clean.

We’ve helped thousands of patients heal from even the most severe burns and know the importance of gentle treatments like hydrotherapy for burns.

Regular bathing to treat burns

Bathing your burns helps soften and remove damaged tissue so healthy skin can grow. It also removes any dirt and debris that’s in the wound, preventing future infections.

We generally wash our patients’ burns at least once a day. If a burn covers a large part of the body, we’ll likely wash the wounds twice a day.

Washing the burn removes dead skin (eschar) from the wound – the removal of dead skin is called debridement. Dead and damaged skin must be removed before the wound is able to heal or before we’re able to perform a skin graft surgery.

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