A picture of the south entrance of Regions Hospital. The Emergency Center entrance is clearly marked.

Level I Trauma Center

Level I Trauma Center for all types of injuries

Accidents happen, and when they do, you need immediate care. Whether you fall and break a bone, are in a car accident or anything in between, we can care for you at the Regions Hospital Level I Trauma Center.  You can turn to our team for care and support in a crisis, and we’ll be by your side at every step of the way.

We’re the only Level I Trauma Center in the east Twin Cities metro, serving the Upper Midwest. And we’re one of just three Level I Trauma Centers in the Twin Cities that can take care of your whole family in one place.

Our care team includes internationally recognized surgeons and specialists in burn, spine, orthopedics, neurosurgery and more. It even includes mental health professionals who are specially trained to help you and your family cope during a crisis. We practice age-friendly care, which means that we focus on mobility, mental health, medication and what matters most to our older adult patients.

Regions Hospital was the first hospital in Minnesota to be verified as both a Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center. That means we were the first to meet strict standards for providing adults and kids with the highest level of care. Board certified trauma doctors, emergency specialists and nurses are on staff 24 hours a day to help people in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Level I care for pediatric trauma

If your child is injured, we will get them the best treatment as quickly as possible. At Regions Hospital, we provide Level I pediatric trauma care, this is the highest possible level of care for children’s injuries. We are the only trauma center of its kind in the east metro area. From deep cuts and animal bites to broken bones and car accidents, we’re here 24/7 to care for your children.

If multiple people in your family need emergency care, we can treat all of you in one place – at Regions. You won’t need to travel between multiple locations to provide comfort and support to family members of different ages.

Our team partners with Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare to provide the highest level of care possible for your child. After a child is cared for in the emergency center, they’re admitted to Gillette for ongoing care and rehabilitation. Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is just down the hall on the Regions Hospital campus.

This makes it possible for the trauma surgeons and specialists who treated them when they first arrived to continue to care for them. From treatment to rehabilitation, they get expert care all in one place.

Critical Care Research Center

Research sets Regions Hospital apart. We’re always looking at how we can make your care – and recovery – even better. That’s why our traumatic injury doctors conduct clinical research in eight specialty areas. These include emergency medicine, emergency medical services, intensive care and trauma. Research helps us improve care. And we share our results nationally so that other hospitals keep getting better, too.

Education and outreach for trauma prevention

We work hard to prevent traumatic injuries and accidents in our community by providing community education programs. To learn more about injury prevention programs or other educational opportunities, call us at 651-254-3564.

Fall prevention for older adults

We offer two fall prevention programs to help reduce the risk older adults have of falling: Stepping On and Remembering When.

Stepping On is a seven-week workshop. During this program, you’ll work with trained specialists who will help you understand your risk for falls, teach you how to avoid common fall risks, improve your confidence, and strengthen your coordination.

Remembering When is a program we put on with local fire departments. We’ll teach you both fire and fall prevention, and you’ll get a home safety checklist.

You can learn more about Stepping On and other fall prevention programs online.

Car Fit vehicle safety program

This free program for older drivers teaches you how to make your personal vehicle fit you better. The goal? To help keep you safe on the roads. The American Occupational Therapy Association, AAA and AARP developed the program.

We also work with local fire departments to offer car seat clinics. We’ll teach you how to properly install car seats and harness your child in the seat. Take a look at our car seat clinic schedule (PDF) for more information.

Hospital outreach and case review

Uroghupatei Iyegha, MD, Regions Director of Trauma Services, and his colleagues can review trauma cases with your hospital. Request an education session by calling our Trauma Clinical Care and Outreach Coordinator at 651-254-2143.

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