Regions Hospital About Us
Quality care for patients at Regions Hospital
A lot has changed since Regions Hospital opened its doors in 1872. But one thing has remained constant– and that’s our commitment to our patients and quality of care..

What’s our commitment? Our mission is simple: to improve health and well-being in partnership with our members, patients and the community. How do we live our mission from day to day? Our Head + Heart, together, motto. This means we partner with our patients and families in everything we do – from making care decisions to developing our Centers of Excellence.

Centers of Excellence mean top-quality specialty care

What we’re really known for is our specialty care. Our Centers of Excellence are led by highly skilled doctors, surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, nurses and staff members. Patients come to Regions because of our top-quality care in places like our:

  • Burn Center: More than 50 years of expertise in everything from chemical burns to frostbite at our nationally recognized burn center. This means that you’ll get the highest level of treatment and support you need.
  • HealthPartners Cancer Center at Regions Hospital: Expert care and treatment for almost all types of cancer, from a nationally recognized team of oncologists and specialists.
  • Heart Center: Comprehensive treatment and care programs for all types of heart conditions. This means that you’ll get top care and personalized treatment, from complex surgery to simple tests.
  • Level 1 Trauma Center: We can handle the most complex injuries. This means you’ll receive the highest level of care possible for an accident or serious injury.
  • Neuroscience Centers: Highly specialized care for your brain and spine, including our Spine Center, Minnesota’s first Comprehensive Stroke Center, neurosurgeons and neurologists. This means our multidisciplinary teams have the expertise to care for any neurological disorders.

We always work to improve care by conducting ongoing research from our Critical Care Research Center. See how Regions has been recognized for award-winning care.

Regions then and now
  1. We opened doors in 1872 in a stone mansion with only two doctors.
  2. There is just one ambulance and two horses to help with Emergency center visits.
  3. Hospital admissions include anyone who can fit into the stone mansion.
  4. The first heart surgery is performed in 1948.
  1. We have five Centers of Excellence and thousands of doctors providing care across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin.
  2. There are nearly 90,000 Emergency center visits across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin with help from hundreds of ambulances.
  3. We have more than 26,000 hospital admissions per year at Regions.
  4. The Surgery Center has more than 13,000 cases per year and the Same Day Surgery Center has nearly 11,000 cases per year.
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