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Bandages can be a strip of cloth or other material used to cover a wound or protect an injured part. Bandages are used to keep burn dressings in place and to cover any medicine or creams that have been put on a burn wound. Common bandages for burns include:

Kerlix dressings
This is a white gauze dressing.

Elastic wrap bandages
Its common name is Ace wrap. This bandage provides pressure and vascular suppport.

Flexnet dressings
It’s an elastic open weave dressing.

Cotton batting
Used to pad and protect an area.

Exudry dressings
It’s an absorbent padded dressing; comes in shapes to fit different areas of the body.

Kling dressings
This is an open weave dressing.

Soft kling dressings
A small, soft, stretchy wrap often used to cover burns on fingers.