How we use burn bandages to treat burns

Like many other wounds, burns need to be bandaged in order to heal properly. Covering the burn helps protect your fragile skin and creates a moist environment that promotes healing. They also help keep medication in place so it can absorb into the burn.

Our team at the Regions Hospital Burn Center has many years of experience choosing the best bandages and burn dressings for our patients. We use the latest burn bandages to help you heal properly from minor burns to the most complex, third-degree burns.

Types of bandages for treating burns

There are several different types of burn bandages and gauze wraps you can use to treat burns, and different types of burns require different burn dressings. Our burn treatment experts will use the types of bandages that are best suited for you.

How often to change burn dressings

In most cases, burn bandages need to be changed every day. This helps keep the burns clean and moist while preventing infection. Your burn care team will speak with you about how often your burn bandages need to be changed and what to expect during the process.

Before we change burn dressings, we’ll give you medicine to help manage pain you feel from the wound dressing process.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)