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Doctors & specialties

Hutchinson’s trusted voice in health care

For over a century, Hutchinson Health has been providing our community with exceptional health care, close to home. We offer primary care, urgent care, hospital services and a wide range of specialty departments – all so you and your family can find the care you need right here in your own community.

Our team consists of the leading doctors, surgeons and specialists in the region. We’re also a part of the comprehensive HealthPartners care system, giving you and your family access to high-quality care across Minnesota whenever you need it.

Hutchinson Health Hospital is designated a Level IV Trauma Center, a Level I Heart Attack Center and an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital. We’ve been named a Top 100 Rural & Community Hospital by the Chartis Group, and have been recognized by the Minnesota Hospital Association for superior performance in quality and patient safety.

Our doctors are committed to developing long-term patient relationships, built on trust. Hutchinson Health is also known for having a high level of coordination between our care teams – so no matter what type of care you need, you can rest assured that your doctor will always have your current information. By facilitating excellent communication between our doctors, nurses and specialists, we take that task out of your hands so you can focus on healing.

Expert care when it matters most

Whether you’re planning to welcome a new baby or you need help managing a chronic illness, we’re here for you. Our experienced doctors, surgeons, specialists and nurses work as a cohesive team to provide you with personalized care and support every step of the way.

Everyday care

We offer both primary care and urgent care services at our Hutchinson Health Clinic, just inside the hospital’s clinic entrance. Our skilled team includes doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants trained in family medicine, OB-GYN and pediatrics. We also offer primary care services at our Dassel Clinic.

To learn more about our clinics or make an appointment, choose one of our locations below.

Specialty care

We have experts in everything from audiology to rheumatology, allowing us to provide comprehensive care for you and your family. Our specialties include:

Whether you’re a first-time mom or growing your family with each new addition, you’ll receive the nurturing care you and your baby deserve at our BirthCare Center. Our warm, family-centered environment offers birthing suites with whirlpool tubs, aromatherapy and more – so you can have your birth, your way.

At Hutchinson Health, we focus not only on your inpatient care, but on providing support throughout your pregnancy and after you return home. Our experienced team will be by your side to give you expert care and peace of mind as you welcome your little one.

Facing a cancer diagnosis is difficult, but you don’t need to do it alone. Our award-winning cancer care team combines expert medical care and kind, compassionate support. We care about each and every patient, and we’re with you every step of the way – from testing and diagnosis through treatment and after-care.

Our recently expanded HealthPartners Cancer Center at Hutchinson Health has twice received the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence Award for outstanding patient experience. The HealthPartners Cancer Center at Hutchinson Health offers expert medical oncology and the latest, science-backed treatments, including chemotherapy, surgery (including plastic and reconstructive surgery) and infusion.

Our Emergency Center is open 24/7, so when you find yourself needing care fast, our specialized doctors and nurses are ready. Hutchinson Health Hospital is designated a Level IV Trauma Center, a Level I Heart Attack Center and an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital. We treat a wide range of emergency conditions and are prepared to coordinate care with Methodist Hospital’s Level III Trauma Center when needed.

From heart disease prevention to cardiac rehabilitation, we offer a full range of cardiovascular services to help keep your heart healthy. We collaborate with cardiologists from HealthPartners, Park Nicollet and more to provide exceptional heart care that’s close to home.

In addition to the common services you would expect from top cardiologists, we offer tests and screenings, as well as cardiac rehabilitation. We treat an array of heart conditions, including coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arrhythmias and more.

Seeking treatment for mental health concerns or addiction can be challenging. At Hutchinson Health, we’re here for you. Our caring team provides comprehensive mental health services in a comfortable, confidential setting.

We’re recognized state-wide for our excellence in mental health care and our wide range of services. Our team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and social workers who help adults, teens and children. We treat a large variety of conditions from anxiety and addiction to thought and mood disorders.

We provide adolescent and adult inpatient care at Hutchinson Health Hospital, and outpatient care for patients of all ages at our nearby Mental Health Clinic. We also offer telehealth video appointments.

Health conditions related to the brain can be worrisome and difficult to understand, but when you have a caring specialist by your side, you can find answers and comfort.

Hutchinson Health collaborates with neurologists from HealthPartners and Park Nicollet, as well as the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology, all of whom specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of neurological conditions involving the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles.

Some of the conditions neurologists treat include stroke, epilepsy and other seizure disorders, headaches (including migraine), movement disorders (including tremors and Parkinson’s disease), ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and multiple sclerosis.

To learn more or make an appointment, please call 320-484-4720.

At our Orthopedic and Rehab Clinic, we provide expert care in a comfortable, state-of-the-art environment. Including our specialized Pediatric Therapy Clinic next door, we’re equipped to help patients of all ages improve their daily function and achieve their goals.

Orthopedic care and physical therapy – We partner with TRIA to provide the same exceptional orthopedic care at Hutchinson Health that you would get in a TRIA clinic. We treat bone and joint problems – from simple fractures and sports injuries to joint replacements and the most complex conditions. We also provide physical and hand therapy to help people of all ages regain function after surgery, illness or injury. Our physical and hand therapists are specially trained to assess your condition, improve your mobility and help you return to doing the things you love.

Rehabilitation services – Our occupational therapists have unique training in analyzing daily activities and work-related tasks to help you restore function and return to life’s activities. If your condition is making it harder to communicate, you may need the help of one of our speech therapists.

Speech therapists are experts in assessing and treating communication and swallowing disorders. Our speech therapists provide comprehensive evaluation, education and treatment for adults and children with speech, language, cognitive, voice and swallowing challenges.