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Award-winning care from top doctors, close to home

At Westfields Hospital & Clinic, providing exceptional care for our patients and community is our highest priority. We’re one of the top 20 critical access hospitals in the country, and we’ve been recognized for excellence in health outcomes, quality of care and patient experience.

Westfields Hospital & Clinic is home to some of the top doctors and specialists in western Wisconsin, in addition to our collaboration with our valued medical partners on campus. Our team of experts offers high quality care for everything from routine primary care to a wide range of specialties – all in one convenient location. We’re also a part of the HealthPartners system, connecting us to a comprehensive care network serving patients in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Expert care for whatever life brings

Whether you’re planning ahead for your birth experience or you find yourself needing emergency services fast, we’re ready to care for you. Our board-certified doctors, specialists and nurses work together as a team to provide you with a personalized treatment plan and support every step of the way.

Everyday care

Westfields Hospital & Clinic provides both primary care and urgent care services at our clinic just inside the main hospital entrance. Our experienced team includes doctors, nurses and physician assistants trained in family medicine, OB-GYN and pediatrics.

Specialty centers on campus

We provide expert care at our specialty centers on campus, including our Birth Center, Cancer Center and Emergency Center.

A cancer diagnosis is never an easy thing to face. But we’ll help you feel stronger with some of the top minds in cancer treatment by your side.

HealthPartners Cancer Center at Westfields Hospital & Clinic is provided in collaboration with the Cancer Center of Western Wisconsin, an organization formed to coordinate treatment and services for cancer patients in western Wisconsin. Because of this partnership, you’ll have access to the widest range of options for diagnosis, treatment and recovery – all close to home.

Our cancer center offers the latest in treatments, including medical oncology, hematology, chemotherapy and infusion care, lab services and diagnostics. The center is also the go-to location for people in western Wisconsin receiving radiation therapy for cancer since we have the region’s only linear accelerator.

Call 715-243-2800 to make an appointment. We’ll discuss your options and start you on a treatment plan as soon as possible.

When you choose the Birth Center at Westfields Hospital & Clinic, you’re choosing top medical care, peace of mind and a comfortable setting for welcoming your little one. Our birth center focuses not only on your inpatient care, but on providing support throughout your pregnancy and after you return home. Our team goes above and beyond to provide you, your baby and your family a wonderful experience for those precious first days together.

When the unexpected happens, we’re here for you. Our emergency center is staffed by Level I trauma-certified doctors and nurses who provide expert care for emergency injuries and illness 24/7. We specialize in treating a wide range of emergency conditions and are prepared to coordinate care with Regions Hospital Level I Trauma Center and Burn Center if needed.

Specialty departments

We have experts in everything from orthopedics to urology, allowing us to provide comprehensive care for you and your family. Our specialties include:

Cardiopulmonary care

Westfields Hospital & Clinic provides specialized cardiopulmonary care for our patients who require treatment for cardiac and respiratory conditions. Our services include cardiac stress testing, EKGs, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, respiratory home care and more.

For more information, call 715-243-2600.

Digestive health (gastroenterology)

Our gastroenterologists have extensive training in a wide range of conditions affecting the digestive system, including Crohn's disease, colitis, celiac disease, gastric reflux and more. At Westfield Hospital & Clinic, we can provide colonoscopies, upper endoscopies (EGDs), and other procedures to investigate digestive problems. We’ll listen to your symptoms, perform tests for diagnosis and work with you on a treatment plan to improve your health.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 715-243-2600.

Mental and behavioral health

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that the two are closely related. Westfields Hospital & Clinic provides specialized programs to support the mental and behavioral health of our patients and community.

  • Counseling and psychiatry – Symptoms of mental health conditions can make everyday activities like school, work and relationships feel overwhelming. We work with patients to understand how they’re feeling and help manage and improve their symptoms through counseling, psychiatry or both. We’ve also formed a partnership with the Growing Through Grief program, which offers intensive, in-school support to students coping with the death of a loved one.
  • Programs for ChangePrograms for Change is an alcohol and substance use recovery program that’s been trusted in the St. Croix Valley community for more than 30 years. We combine evidence-based treatment and compassionate support to help individuals heal from addiction and build resilient habits for long-term recovery.
  • The Emergency Department Behavioral Health Tele-Video Program (EDBHTV) – This program was developed as a public and private collaboration across seven hospitals and three counties to bring skilled and licensed behavioral health professionals to any patient in the area’s emergency departments at the time of a crisis. These visits are conducted by specialized mental health clinicians to assess mental health needs and coordinate care for patients and families.


Health concerns involving our brain, spine or nervous system can be worrisome and difficult to understand. At Westfields Hospital & Clinic, we have some of the top neurologists in western Wisconsin ready to help with conditions such as migraines, stroke, epilepsy, movement disorders and dementia. We provide an in-depth diagnostic evaluation and science-backed treatment options, and we’ll work closely with you and your primary care doctor to determine the best care plan.

For more information about the neurology department or to make an appointment, call 715-243-2900.

Orthopedic care

Westfields Hospital & Clinic partners with TRIA to provide some of the best orthopedic care in western Wisconsin. We offer comprehensive surgical and non-surgical care, including state-of-the-art procedures and rehabilitation to help you return to the activities you love.

Start your comeback with help from our specialists. Call 715-243-3400 to make an appointment.


Recovering from surgery, illness or an accident can be difficult. Our rehabilitation experts provide the care you need to get back to doing what you love. Our comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs can help you regain your energy and endurance. Our rehabilitation specialties include:

  • Physical therapy – Our physical therapists evaluate and treat patients who have functional limitations related to injury or disease. We’ll work closely with you to create a personalized therapy and exercise program, using techniques and equipment to decrease pain and help you recover quickly. Working alongside orthopedic specialists and sports medicine professionals, Westfields Hospital & Clinic also provides advanced concussion care through our concussion program.
  • Occupational therapy – Occupational therapy helps patients work on the physical, cognitive and visual skills necessary to complete daily tasks. Our occupational therapists have unique training in analyzing daily and work-related activities to help you restore function and return to meaningful life activities.
  • Speech language therapy – Our speech therapists are experts at evaluating and treating communication and swallowing disorders. Together, we’ll create a personalized therapy program to help you achieve the highest level of speech function.

For more information about rehabilitation services or to make an appointment, call 715-243-2760.

Westfields Hospital & Clinic Partners

The Westfields Hospital & Clinic campus offers a broad range of high-quality care in one convenient location. We work closely with collaborating physician groups on our shared campus to provide comprehensive care for our patients and community.

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A comprehensive system of care

Westfields Hospital & Clinic is part of the HealthPartners health care system, which means you have access to the full array of HealthPartners care and services when you need them.