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Medicare dental coverage

Medicare supplemental dental insurance: Your options

Your oral health is a vital part of living a healthy life. So to make sure your smile is protected, it’s a good idea to know whether your Medicare plan covers dental care. And if dental care isn’t covered, knowing your options can make a big difference.

Does Medicare pay for dental?

Original Medicare (Parts A and B) doesn’t cover most dental services. With a private Medicare plan, dental coverage can vary.

At HealthPartners, many Medicare plans include built-in dental allowances or coverage:

If the HealthPartners Medicare plan you’re interested in doesn’t offer built-in dental benefits – or you want more dental benefits than what’s included – you have options. Adding supplemental comprehensive dental coverage to your Medicare plan can bring more peace of mind in knowing you have the coverage you need when you visit the dentist.

Medicare supplemental comprehensive dental coverage for 2023

When you add on supplemental dental coverage, you’ll get more benefits than what’s already included with your HealthPartners Medicare plan:

  • You’ll get 100% coverage for in-network preventive and diagnostic care.
  • After a $50 deductible, you’ll get 50% coverage (up to an annual maximum) for other in-network dental care, including sealants, fillings, periodontics, oral surgery, dentures and more.
  • All your Medicare dental coverage will be in one place and one plan, making things easier to keep track of.
  • There aren’t any waiting periods after enrollment – your dental benefits start at the same time as all your other benefits.

How to enroll in supplemental dental coverage

You’ll have the option to add supplemental dental coverage for an additional monthly premium when you enroll in an eligible HealthPartners Medicare plan. Eligible plans include:

  • In Minnesota, all Medicare Advantage plans (except the Journey Metro-Central Dash plan, where comprehensive dental coverage is already built in).
  • In Wisconsin, all Medicare Cost plans (except the Freedom WI Basic plan)

If the HealthPartners Medicare plan you’re interested in isn’t eligible for supplemental dental coverage, don’t worry – we also offer separate HealthPartners senior dental insurance options in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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