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What you can expect when you’re expecting to deliver at Regions Hospital Family Birth Center

For decades, families have been trusting our birth center team to care for them throughout the birthing journey. Comfort and expert care with the latest training and technologies have always been the priority – which led to the 2020 birth of the new multi-level, 160,000-square-foot Regions Hospital Family Birth Center.

This is where the next chapter in your family’s life story begins. Here’s a look at the kind of care, environment and amenities you’ll find at our birth center.

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Expert care at every stage of you birthing experience

You have unique needs and a special vision for your birthing experience, that’s why we offer a range of labor and delivery options. You’ll have access to a diverse and skilled birth center care team, including: board-certified OB-GYNs, certified nurse-midwives, labor and delivery nurses, certified lactation consultants, pediatricians, and so many others who are experienced in helping moms and babies through the birthing process.

Once you arrive, you’ll relax in a private room within our Maternal Assessment Center. Here our care teams will monitor you and your baby, and measure your progress toward being admitted and delivering. Your private labor and delivery suite features gorgeous sunlit views of St. Paul, a hotel-style bathroom, and comes equipped with a large hydrotherapy tub that can be used for laboring pain management and soaking post-delivery. If you choose to have a water birth, you can do so in the comfort of a private water birthing suite. Each water birthing suite has a luxurious and spacious tub inside the room. So, you’ll be able to labor and deliver your baby in one comfortable, relaxing place. You’ll also have your own private bathroom and shower.
Specially-designed “Butterfly Room” to support grieving families

Our team compassionately cares for patients’ needs during any life event, including a loss. Our Butterfly Room is a specially-designed, private space to support grieving families.

Once your baby or babies arrive, you’ll rest, relax and bond in a private postpartum suite. The rooms are spacious and designed to support you and your family’s needs, featuring private bathrooms, sofa sleepers, and comfortable chairs to support breastfeeding and promote skin-to-skin bonding. Plus, each room is equipped with a personal refrigerator and separate breastmilk storage space. The first of their kind in Minnesota, enhanced couplet care rooms are designed to keep your family together in the event that your baby needs a higher level of care, but doesn’t need to go to the NICU. Keeping mother and baby together, whenever possible, helps improve health outcomes from the whole family. Our expanded NICU features adjoining, private family spaces and bathrooms, and a dedicated family waiting area with a shower for convenience and comfort. In addition, we have the latest technology to help you and your family see and bond with baby when you can’t be in the room or at the hospital. We want you and your family to feel welcome and comfortable. So, you’ll not only find large, comfortable waiting areas on every floor within the birth center, you’ll also find a stunning courtyard with outdoor seating and high-speed Wi-Fi. There’s also an indoor children’s play lounge. You’ll find convenient, adjoining parking is available just steps away from our first floor lobby. The new southeast parking ramp is reserved for your family and visitors.
Want to make your special delivery at Regions Family Birth Center? Let’s get started.

If your heart is set on welcoming your little bundle at our birth center, it’s time to start selecting members of your care team, namely your OB-GYN or midwife for prenatal care. They can help you choose your birth plan and make sure you and baby are healthy and developing well throughout your pregnancy. Learn more about our doctors and midwives, and find a clinic for prenatal care by clicking the link below.