Summer is the time to make childhood memories. From swimming to nature hikes to days spent talking with friends, summer camp can be an unforgettable time for a child. If your child survived a burn, summer camps for burn survivors can give them a space to be themselves and make friends who’ve had similar experiences.

The Regions Hospital Burn Center created the Minnesota Family Burn Camp that we host at the YMCA Camp du Nord in Ely, MN. We also partner with Children’s Hospital of Colorado for a Burn Camp at Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, Colorado.

Every year, we sponsor burn survivors and their families to help them spend a week at summer camp. Whether your child wants to go to individual summer camp or if the entire family wants to go along, we can help.

Minnesota Family Burn Camp

Join us at the Minnesota Family Burn Camp at the YMCA Camp du Nord in Ely, Minnesota. This camp is offered every summer for one week in July.

The Minnesota Family Burn Camp gives families a chance to rest and relax, and meet others going through the same experiences. Campers enjoy everything the summer has to offer with activities like hiking, canoeing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, crafts and nature programs. This camp provides fun activities for all ages and educational classes for all members of the family.

This camp is for the entire family. Children who have survived a burn and their families are welcome to attend.

Contact Mark Johnston by calling 651-254-1562 or emailing for more information.

Burn Summer Camp in Estes Park, Colorado

We partner with the Colorado Children’s Hospital to put on a burn summer camp at Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, Colorado. It’s held the third week of August.

Every year we sponsor children between eight and 18 – and who have been patients in our Burn Center – to attend burn summer camp in Colorado. Kids enjoy swimming, horseback riding, climbing and fishing. They meet kids just like themselves and make friends for life. Plus, they get lots of help learning how to cope with their injuries.

This camp is run by the camp staff and a team from the Children’s Hospital of Denver. Staff members from our Burn Center go with our campers so they have familiar faces to make them feel at home.

You can contact Mark Johnston by calling 651-254-1562 or emailing for more information.

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