Regions Hospital Doctors & Specialties Mental health Lee and Penny Anderson HeroCare Program for Veterans

HeroCare serves veterans, members of the military and their families by connecting them to both mental health and medical resources specific to military and veteran needs.

Treating our country’s finest with respect and giving them the care they deserve.

In 2014, Regions Hospital created “Lee and Penny Anderson HeroCare Program for Veterans.” HeroCare began as a specialty service for veterans and military members who were receiving mental health care at Regions Hospital. Shortly after its inception, it was realized that a large number of veterans, military members and their families in all areas of the hospital were in need of assistance. As a result, in 2015, HeroCare expanded to serving all veterans, military members and their families, hospital wide.

Our mission
To honor and advocate for the unique needs of veterans, military members and their families; ensuring our country’s finest are treated with respect, dignity and pride.
Helping veterans and service members connect to resources and benefits.

Today, the HeroCare team has social work advocates who are all veterans and or are currently serving themselves. The HeroCare social work advocates assist with:

  • Connecting patients to a wide variety of veteran and military benefits based on eligibility and specific patient need.
  • Educating patients and their families on current community, state and federal benefits.
  • Identifying appropriate military-related community resources.
  • Thanking each veteran, military member and/or family member for their service and sacrifice with a HeroCare Challenge Coin.
Partnering with businesses and the community

Our HeroCare team also focuses on educating and collaborating with community providers. We educate people on military culture and the possible roles community providers can play in the care of veterans, military members and their families. We support and assist community organizations to create more opportunities for veterans, military members and their families. HeroCare continues to develop partnerships with organizations and programs that are dedicated to serving our nation’s finest.

We will continue expanding our program as the need arises.

For more information, please contact our HeroCare team at 651-254-6635.

Please note: This is not a crisis line. In case of a crisis, contact the Veterans Crisis Line online  or by phone at 800-273-8255.