Nursing jobs at Regions Hospital

A team culture, with the flexibility to chart your own path

“This is so different from my last job.” It’s one of the main things we hear from new nurses at Regions. Here, you’re valued, empowered and respected. Our care model centers on patients and families, and how together, you build a relationship that supports healing.

“Professionals in all areas of nursing will find there is not a more engaging environment in which to practice nursing than here at Regions. We have it all: the widest variety of clinical settings, evidence-based practice, nursing research, strong support for professional development, leadership development and succession planning, endless educational opportunities – and a great team of nursing colleagues with whom to work.”

Opportunities for growth and training

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re an experienced professional, you’ll find there’s no shortage of ways to stay engaged. And you’ll continue to learn at Regions thanks to training and educational opportunities.

As the largest charity care provider in the east metro, we welcome patients from all backgrounds. And we value and embrace diversity in our nursing staff, too. Our team often mirrors the diversity of our patients. We foster an inclusive environment that values differences and seeks to learn about our similarities.

“One of the things that I love about working at Regions is the organization’s commitment to create and sustain an environment where patients, staff, providers and volunteers feel welcomed and included. We leverage the strength of our different cultural backgrounds to meet patients where they are in their lives’ journey. We embrace our patients’ diversity, and we remain curious to learn about their existential beliefs. Together, we work to provide individualized care for all.”

Nursing scholarships

The Gloria Fox and the Ancker School of Nursing scholarships are available to team members enrolled in their first nursing degree or to nurses returning for higher education. These scholarships are awarded annually during nurse’s week.

Specialty certification

Achieving board certification shows our nurses’ personal commitment to the nursing profession and to providing exceptional patient care. Nurses are encouraged and supported to pursue board certification.

“Achieving my certification in orthopedic nursing has given me more confidence in my clinical judgments and has allowed me to provide the greatest level of quality patient care. I highly encourage all nurses to consider certification in their specialty area!”

Professional recognition program

Nurses who work beyond their job scope to achieve the goals and outcomes of the nursing annual plan, along with their unit-specific goals, are recognized professionally and financially. It’s the only program of its kind in the Twin Cities.

Our Nurse of Excellence program recognizes extraordinary RNs who exemplify Regions’ Head + Heart, Together strategies, and model our core values of excellence, partnership, integrity and compassion.

Coworkers nominate RNs during the spring nomination period. A team of nurses chooses the recipients, who are announced and recognized during nurses’ week each May.