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Here to care for you and your baby

Our birth center is continuing to care for families, and we’re taking many steps to keep all our patients – including and especially our littlest ones – safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We require all patients and visitors to wear a mask or face covering while in our hospitals. We’re also screening all patients and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19.

Visitors are currently limited in our hospitals and birth centers:

  • Birth center patients can have two support persons (including a doula). 
  • Newborn and special care nursery patients can be visited by their parents and/or legal guardians.

If you are sick, you will not be allowed to visit patients.

For questions about your personal pregnancy care, please call your clinic. For more information on COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 information page for expectant mothers

An award-winning birthing center in Saint Paul

New parents have many choices, and your birth center is one of the most important ones. Choosing Regions Hospital Birth Center means great medical care. It means choosing a place that makes you and your family feel comfortable and welcome.

We are excited to begin welcoming families at the new Family Birth Center on July 22, 2020.

Making labor and delivery more comfortable for you and your family is one of our top priorities. Our new multi-level birth center will offer more space and services, including:

  • Larger, private birthing suites and postpartum rooms
  • Dedicated spaces for families and visitors
  • Convenient parking options
  • Expanded rooms for high-risk moms and babies (the first of its type in the Midwest) 
  • Private water birthing suites 
  • Expanded NICU, with private family suites
At Regions Hospital Birth Center, we recognize and honor your choices. We’re ready to handle every birth, from epidurals to unmedicated birth to water birth and everything in between.
Awards and recognition
Meet your birth center care team

Board-certified obstetricians, certified nurse midwives and experienced nurses make up your care team. Neonatologists from Children’s Hospital staff our Special Care Nursery. And HealthPartners pediatricians care for your baby. We also have translators on staff.

Birth center care options

Your choices are important to us. That’s why we offer many different pain management options, c-section deliveries that put moms and babies first, lactation support services and a Special Care Nursery.

For every step of the birth journey
1. Support from day one

It’s never too early to get great care. You’re welcome to make an appointment the moment you think you might be pregnant. Call OB-GYN clinic at 952-967-7619.

The myHealthyPregnancy app might also be helpful. Use the app to get pregnancy information, keep track of appointments and count kicks. Get the app.

2. Preparing for birth
  • Take prenatal classes – Choose from a full range of childbirth classes, including Lamaze, mindful birthing classes and breastfeeding.
  • Take a tour – See photos of our new space online.
  • Meet the midwives – Spend an hour with our midwives and other members of our care team to learn more about their care approaches. This event is free, and you don’t have to register. See the Meet the Midwives schedule. Call 651-293-8191 for more information.
  • Attend a car seat clinic – Attend one of our free clinics to learn how to correctly install and use child and booster car seats. See the 2020 car seat clinics schedule. To make an appointment, call 651-357-2798.
3. Labor and delivery

Whatever your birth plan, Regions is the place to be. Supportive partners, families and doulas are welcome. And you’ll have a full range of care options. You’ll find many different ways to manage your pain, from natural methods like aromatherapy, to nitrous oxide, to epidurals We perform gentle cesarean deliveries, if necessary. And we have a high rate of VBAC deliveries. That way, you get the birth experience that’s right for you and your baby.

4. Postpartum care

After delivery, there’s time for skin-to-skin contact and bonding. In fact, our birth center was among the first hospital birth centers to make skin-to-skin bonding time a standard practice, as well as practices like delayed cord clamping and breastfeeding right away. We also focus on helping new parents learn how to take care of their babies. Newborns get care from HealthPartners pediatricians, and moms get breastfeeding support from certified lactation consultants. If needed, we also have a Special Care Nursery with neonatal staff who are dedicated to caring for babies. And if you have questions? Call the BabyLine℠ at 612-333-2229. A specially trained OB-GYN nurse is on call 24/7. It’s free, and you don’t need to be a patient or have HealthPartners insurance.

Related specialties

We have the longest-standing midwife practice in the Twin Cities. Our certified nurse-midwives work together with your care team.


The lactation consultants at our breastfeeding center offer education, support and other care services.

Obstetrics and gynecology

From childbirth to menopause, our doctors care for you during all your life stages.