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Regions Hospital is pleased to provide you with information to help you understand our patient billing practices. We are committed to fulfilling our mission of providing the highest quality care to everyone in our community regardless of their ability to pay. To ensure the success of this commitment, we must be financially responsible. We take a positive and proactive approach to patient billing and collections with the goal of receiving payment for services in an efficient, timely and respectful manner. We also understand that billing and collections for health care services can be confusing. To assist you with billing services and to answer questions you may have in advance, please review understanding your statement/bill.

Billing & insurance

When you come to the hospital, please bring your insurance card or a copy. If you and your spouse both have insurance, please bring both cards.

Deductibles, co-insurance and non-covered amounts are due in full at time of billing unless other arrangements are made with Regions Hospital. We accept all major credit cards. If your account is not paid or arrangements are not made in accordance with hospital policy, your account is subject to review with our collection agency.

We will file insurance claims for you with the understanding that the patient has full responsibility for payment. Please call Patient Accounting Customer Service at 651-254-4791 with any questions about insurance or assistance programs.

We will send you a bill for Regions’ services. An itemized bill is also available upon request. If you have insurance or other coverage, we will handle the claims for you. If you have insurance that we have not billed for you, please call Customer Service.

After all insurance payments have been applied to your account, you will receive a statement from Regions Hospital showing the amount paid by insurance and any amount you are responsible for. Please pay the full balance by the date on your statement. In addition to the Regions Hospital statement, you may receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company.

Uninsured residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin receive a discount applied to the total charges. If you feel that you are eligible for an additional discount, please call Customer Service. If you need financial assistance, are uninsured or under-insured, Regions Hospital can assist you with various financial assistance programs.

Payment of the discounted balance is expected by the date of the statement unless other arrangements have been made.

The federal government requires hospitals to post its standard charges reflecting each inpatient and outpatient service and item provided by the hospital. The list is available here.

The list of our average inpatient charges by DRG is available here.

Regions Hospital is committed to making outstanding care available to you in the right place, at the right time. Our standard charges may be far different than the amounts you are expected to pay. Regions Hospital has negotiated varying discounts with Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans. We can help you figure out how much you’ll have to pay if you call Regions Hospital at 651-254-1884. They can help you work with your insurance company to understand your actual out-of-pocket costs.

If you don’t have insurance you may be eligible for financial assistance. Financial assistance information can be found here: To learn more, please call Customer Service at 651-254-4791.

Other organizations also have information about our charges and what other hospitals charge available at:

Send payments to:

Regions Hospital
NW 3969 PO Box 1450
Minneapolis, MN 55485-3969

Or you may use this link to Pay your bill online

If you’d like to learn more about patient billing, see our glossary of terms and frequently asked questions

To Reach Patient Accounting Customer Service

We are here to help you with your questions.

Phone numbers

651-254-4791 (local)
877-974-3600 (toll free)
651-254-3881 (fax)

Phone hours:

Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

In-Person hours:
In response to COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to close the walk in option of our office for the time being.  Our team is still here to help you via phone and email. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We also have a secure email address available to Guarantors and Patients only, via this link:

Information to include when contacting us at by email:

  • Patient’s Full Name (First, Middle Initial, Last Name)
  • Patient’s Date of Birth (to ensure we can identify the correct patient)
  • Mailing Address
  • Account Number if available (located on your statement)
  • Question or issue for which we can provide assistance
Know Your Cost Estimate

Call Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1-844-997-2678 (COST)
651-265-1900 (fax)

We will provide a good faith estimate of the cost for future services at HealthPartners Clinics and Regions Hospital. If you are a HealthPartners member, we will work with Member Services to provide an estimate of fees not paid by insurance.

You can also use our online patient estimate tool to get a cost estimate and learn about how much you'll likely pay out-of-pocket.

Hospital-based Clinics

Our hospital-based clinics may charge a separate facility fee depending on your health insurance. This can result in a higher out-of-pocket expense. Contact our Cost of Care Line at 1-844-997-2678 (COST) to learn more. Our hospital-based clinics include:

  • HealthPartners Specialty Center, 401 Phalen Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55130 
    • Pulmonary Function Test 
    • Radiology 
    • Regions Hospital Rehabilitation (hand therapy, physical therapy, voice therapy) 
    • Speech Language Pathology 
  • HealthPartners Specialty Center, 435 Phalen Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55130 
    • Digestive Care – Endoscopy Procedures and GI Clinic 
    • Pain Clinic 
    • Same Day Surgery 
  • Neuroscience Center, 295 Phalen Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55130 
    • Regions Hospital Radiology – Fluro/MRI 
    • Regions Hospital Rehabilitation 
  • Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Rehab Clinic, 2575 University Ave., Westgate, St. Paul, MN 55114 
  • Regions Hospital, 640 Jackson St., St. Paul, MN 55101 
    • Cancer Care Center 
    • DayBridge Partial Hospitalization Program 
    • Heart Center 
    • Intensive Outpatient Program 
    • Surgery Center 
  • Regions Hospital Rehabilitation - Suburban Square, 1710 Suburban Ave., St. Paul, MN 55106 
  • Regions Hospital Rehabilitation - Woodbury, 8425 Seasons Parkway, Woodbury, MN 55125 
  • Sleep Health Center, 2688 Maplewood Dr., Maplewood, MN 55109