Mental Health Research Network

A population-based approach to transform research


The Mental Health Research Network (MHRN) is a consortium of public-domain research centers based in large not-for-profit healthcare systems.

Its mission is to improve the management of mental health conditions through a closer connections among research, practice and policy. This mission spans a wide range of mental health conditions and treatments affecting children, adults and seniors.

This mission also spans a wide range of research methods and questions about etiology, treatment development, treatment efficacy and effectiveness, implementation and dissemination and health policy. The MHRN is based in the HMO Research Network, a consortium of 19 public-domain research centers based in not-for-profit healthcare systems.

Participating centers include:

These research centers work with health systems that finance and care for more than 10 million people in 12 states. They also share data resources to support a range of clinical and health services research on mental health conditions and treatments.

Diversity of member demographics, insurance coverage, and organization of healthcare services as well as access to computerized medical records and insurance claims data make this network an ideal environment to:

  • Identify research questions that matter to patients, healthcare providers and healthcare systems
  • Efficiently answer research questions involving real-world patients and providers
  • Disseminate and implement research results

Initial funding for the MHRN is through a 3-year cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Mental Health (U19 MH092201 “Mental Health Research Network: A Population-Based Approach to Transform Research” ($8,999,198) and through a supplement from NIMH to the existing Cancer Research Network funded by the National Cancer Institute ($1,499,873).